Why Us

Leading the Way

DSD Business Systems is a leader in providing on-premises, hosted, cloud, and SaaS software packages including Sage and many other top business management solutions. As an award-winning software reseller, engineer and developer, our clients benefit from nearly 30 years of experience to rely on. Together with our BBB Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics and Excellence, our clients confidently move forward working with us, knowing we will always be there to support their business needs.

End-to-End Solutions

The business management software packages we sell, implement, and support are flexible, customizable and scalable to grow and change with our clients’ business needs. With low cost of ownership and high ROI in mind, both the Sage and NetSuite software packages we sell feature advanced customization options, including source code, to meet your specific business and processing requirements.


Founded in 1984, DSD Business Systems offers a long history of successful implementations in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Asia, and Europe. We’ve delivered more than 4,500 completed solutions, so rest assured you’re in experienced hands.

Depth of Knowledge

DSD Business Systems has gleaned specific background information from multiple industries through in-depth analyses of our clients’ business processes. This education has proven vital to our longevity and strength as a company.

Proven Methodology

DSD approaches every client’s business needs with a solid strategy, combining the latest developments in software technology with ease-of-implementation in mind, as well as keeping to our client’s price point. We work hand-in-hand with you to architect a solution that makes you more efficient, improves customer satisfaction levels, increases employee performance, and helps achieve your company objectives.

Integration & Technology Specialists

DSD specializes in integration and keeps up with technology advances. We have over 3,500 successful installations to date. We provide a completely integrated solution tailored to the specific needs of your industry. We can also recommend fully integrated add-on products to further enhance your system.

Fixed Fee Pricing

Whenever possible, DSD provides our clients with a Fixed Fee / Price solution. This allows us to focus all our efforts on your project, mitigating scope creep and keeping to our committed price point. This also ensures your expectations are met with no surprises surfacing at the end of the project.

Extensive Training

DSD has cultivated a knowledgeable, dedicated staff of business consultants, programmers and technical experts who are certified in the products we sell. We’ve earned our clients’ trust with the depth and breadth of our knowledge, and the method by which we deliver our solutions and services.

Dedicated Customer Service

DSD knows the importance of premier customer service, especially following a major implementation. We provide customized training so your staff is comfortable transitioning to a new system and we offer reliable, informed service as well. We fully support the software we sell and almost every hardware product line on the market.

Regularly Referred

Businesses are known by the company they keep. DSD Business Systems will gladly provide you with a list of existing clients who will share their success stories, case studies, and recommendations with you.